S'morey: The Unidentifiable Forest Creature

S'mores. They're delicious, but they're also a pain to make. You have to go into the wilderness, gather wood, then find a safe place to start fire. It's exhausting. Thankfully Oreo introduced S'mores Cookies. Finally people could enjoy s'mores any time, no campfire necessary. To drive this point home, we introduced S'morey: a furry little forest creature that warns people about the dangers of building fires in places where no fire should be built. 

For instance, in a fishing boat.  

Or the dull confines of your office.  

Or out on the golf course. 

In addition to our three animated shorts, we created mock PSA posters that told s'mores fans not to build ill-advised campfires. During the first week of our campaign, we gave out the posters as a bit of suprise and delight for our fans.