If you can’t tell by the name, I’m the product of Greek parents. Instead of opening an all-night diner, they both became writers. Needless to say, the olive didn't fall far from the tree. I bounced around a fair bit before becoming a writer myself. Some highlights include serving grits to James Brown and placing million-dollar mutual fund orders.

My ad career has taken me to Atlanta, Denver, Albuquerque, Boulder, and finally NYC. In my spare time I go up to Woodstock, NY where my sister and I co-own a house. It's a great escape from the city. (Plus I get to use a leaf blower in the yard, which I find pretty fun.) 

If you like my work, or want a restaurant recommendation for Woodstock, hit me up at aaugustinos@gmail.com

And if you want a good ol' fashioned resume, here you go