The Wiener Rover

Go Where No Wiener (Mobile) Has Gone Before. That’s the mission of the Oscar Mayer Wiener Rover. We created this meaty little marvel in response to the one major drawback of the Wiener Mobile: it doesn’t actually serve hot dogs. Now fans of pure beef can have a tasty Oscar Mayer Wiener delivered right to their mouths, in almost any location. Once the Rover was ready to roll, we unveiled it to the public in an epic launch film that showcased its off-roadiness. 



We then unleashed the Rover in Manhattan on National Hot Dog Day (naturally). Al Roker seemed pretty impressed:


Then we got the gearheads at Jalopnik to put the Rover through its paces


From there we went around town delivering hot dogs and smiles to hungry fans. We even got to deliver a wiener to a wiener dog: